Space Angels 1/20th scale figures

Space Angels 1/20th scale figures

SKU: CSM-113

Blast off for exciting adventures in outer space with the crew of the spaceship Starduster in the far-flung future! Ace pilot Scott McCloud (codename: Space Angel), communications expert Crystal Mace and engineer Taurus patrol the galaxy for the Interplanetary Space Force, keeping the Earth safe from any and all threats!


These figures are one piece resin and priced single.

Size: 1/20th scale (Scott McCloud 93mm or 3.75" tall)

Material: Choice of resin colours available. If you want the helmets to be clear choose one of the clear options 


Designed by Toy Cave Collectibles, produced by Cozmic Scale Models.

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    The product is to be considered "fan art" and is not officially a licensed product. The product is protected under the FAIR USE Act. It is meant to parody the original product. Money paid is for services, time, and materials provided and not for commercial profit.